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Hi - do you still have the attachment?

the download link seems to be broken.


Hi Gautam!

So, initially we have:
The Log is made up of three tables: Journal_Pages, Journal_History, and Journal_Item.
Three properties determine the information that is logged to these tables: The Add property on the Table form, and the Monitor on Log property and the Show on Log property on the Table Field form.

The following list describes these properties in greater detail:
Used to create a Log page for each record in a table. Without a Log page, table changes are not logged. These pages are stored as records in the Journal_Pages table in the Enterprise Data.
Note: A Log page is created when a record is added to a table. A Log page is not created for records that already exist in a table. Turning off the Add property does not delete existing Log records.
Monitor on Log
Used to record table record changes for designated table fields. These changes are added as separate records to the Journal_History table in the Enterprise Data. Each entry in the Journal_History table includes the field that was changed, the change itself, the user who made the change, and the edit date of the change. The Add property must be selected to record table field changes.
Show on Log
Used to add a foreign key shortcut item to the Log page. Each item is stored as a record in the Journal_Item table in the Enterprise Data. Multiple items can be added to a Log page. The Add property must be selected to add shortcut items to the Log page.

The Log object is a special object because an external program provides the interface rather than a Pivotal form. Therefore, it is not possible to customize the interface.

Now you want to have the ability to monitor already existed + newly created records.

1) We need to setup all flags, mentioned before.
2) We need to iterate through all company records and generate missed records in the Log!

For example, the target table is Company table and the target field is Company Name, also we need to link a log record to the Employee, who made the changes.
So, I have created the agent (see attachments) which should help to understand how we need to generate the required records.

Please Note:
1) You can drink more then 5 cups of tea during the process... in the development environment... in Production... not sure how much :)
2) You need to care about Pivotal Performance (include to the log only really important fields or use the 'combined' fields, like Rn_Descriptor).
3) You can implement all actions provided by the agent using SQL, but please think about mobiles and satellites (if you have them).
4) I'm note sure if you really need to store 'Table Name'...

About the previous field value...
You can obtain it by creating the list sorted by rn_create date desc, for the Journal_History table.
Then you can use the query based on this table (with required parameters like record_Id,...), the second item will store the previous value.


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