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Common problems / Error while base.Execute from Proxy Class
« on: November 16, 2010, 02:45:32 AM »
        I am getting an error while calling a function from proxy class which is given below :
             Unable to execute the server script method. Unable to execute the method 'Execute' for the form 'Email_Campaign'.

I have a custom function in proxy and server class, which i am calling from my client class, can any one help me to resolve this error ?


General Discussion / How to Create New Proxy Class
« on: November 15, 2010, 06:07:02 AM »

              I have created a new client and server form and it is working fine, well i want to run the Query from the server class using proxy class, and i don't know how to create a proxy class.

My intension is that i want have a list of table and Queries of that table in a drop down and as a user selects any query and clicks on "execute" button, that particular query should run at the server class using proxy class and return a datatable which can be shown in SearchResultGrid.

Gautam B

Hey Sergey,

         The suggestion which you have given works only while adding a new Company record which will insert that field_name and New_Value in the Journey_History Table.

What i am looking for is whatever changes in the company form fields should add a new record in Journey_History table with the Table_Name Changed, Field_Name Changed with its respective Old_Value and New_Value where I have added 2 new fields Table_Name and Old_Value in Journal_History table.

for e.g. if we change the name of the company from "ABC" to "EFG" then a new record should be added to Journal_History Table like :

Journal_ID  :
Table_Name : Company
Field_Name : Company_Name
Old_Value : "ABC"
New_Value : "EFG"
And Date on which it is updated.

Gautam Bet

Hey Sergey,

         Could you please give me the steps to solve this issue as i am new to this system.

Gautam Bet

Hi Guys,

           I am new to Pivotal CRM and finding some difficulties on the following :

1. I have added 2 fields i.e. Table_Name and Old_Value in Journal_History table which is fine.
2. Now what i a looking for is if any changes made in any field of any form should add a new record in the Journal_History table with the changes made in the table_name, table_Field, Old_value and New_Value.

How this can be achieved ...   ???


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