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: Custom Error Message
: pivotalnd March 21, 2007, 02:22:20 AM

After, changing the label of a field and making it required via client script, the error message still shows the original field name.

original field name = temp
original label name = templ
changed label name = tempc

but error message still says, " please fill in the value for temp".

Is there a way to customize this validation error message in Rich Client, to change this value, namely the temp in the above example?

: Re: Custom Error Message
: pivotalnd March 27, 2007, 04:13:46 AM
Would somebody have an idea how to customize this requirement?
: Re: Custom Error Message
: James.Perry April 04, 2007, 10:36:14 AM
Check your language strings, I bet that is where the problem is.
: Re: Custom Error Message
: Dean Wooldridge, Jr. November 20, 2007, 08:22:49 AM
James.Perry is right - it's the Language String.  I did a little experimentation on the OOTB Company AA form.  On the Company_Name field (which is required) I did a right click and edited Properties.  I notice that the field definition on the form has a language string of FLD: S-0-80863.  I changed the Title for the field from "Name" to "NameXXX" and saved my changes.  When I go into Pivotal the next time and bring up the form - lo, my title does not appear.  I still see the original title of "Name".

From the customization system I choose LD Strings and locate the string I noted above (FLD:.......).  I change the value of this string from "Name" to "NameTTT" and save.  Now when I open my AA form I see the field title reads "NameTTT".  The validation message also reflects the field name as "NameTTT" when I attempt to save with this field blank.

The language string "FLD: S-0-80863" is defined for this Company_Name field in the table definition for Company.

Back on the AA form, I can add a new field of "Company_Name" and I note that on the field I add there is no language string indicated whereas on the OOTB field "Company_Name" there is a language string.  So if you want to control the validation message so that it reflects the title you are using, then delete the OOTB field and add it back as a new field.  Set all other property values as needed such as required.  Set the Title to be whatever is needed.

Maybe someone else can add a note as to how it is that when Pivotal does the form the field has a language string and when I add a field it does not.