Author Topic: How to introduce myself into Pivotal?  (Read 6366 times)

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How to introduce myself into Pivotal?
« on: March 08, 2016, 03:07:56 PM »
Hello guys, i'm really glad to be here  :) !

I'm in the need to dive deep into Pivotal. I don't have anyone to explain or support me phisically.
So i figured out this would be the best way, by asking you.

So far, i haven't got anything but the database backups wich include the customization environment, BM and EX.

However, i've only seen the "RDF" extension wich i read is usable to perform a deployment on the Pivotal CRM platform.
Also, seen  the .RPT as they have used Crystal Reports before

So i am facing how to develpe and deploy RDF components.

I understand there are few scenarios,

Development Environment
Customization Environment
Deployment Environments
Production Environment

do i need all these set up in my environment or i can start with the Toolkit and eRelationShip?  ???
Also, this is really tied up to the Visual Studio or this Toolkit is enough to develope in?  ???

Im proficient in SQL and C# but this is a real new "framework" for me...

Any help or tip would be _greatly_ appreciated, thank you!  ;D