Author Topic: Intellisync and Pivotal 6  (Read 3612 times)

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Intellisync and Pivotal 6
« on: May 11, 2009, 10:52:51 AM »
Anyone ever use the Intellisync product?

My understanding is that Intellisync was a tool that was supposed to do synchronization between Microsoft Outlook and Pivotal.  Not to be confused with the DLL that embeds into Outlook so that an email can be inserted into Pivotal.  Intellisync was supposed to work with contacts, tasks, emails, etc.

I further understand that Pivotal gave up on Intellisync somewhere around 5.7 and reverted back to I think a product called OSM.

We have the Intellisync product but don't use it as we couldn't get it to work very well.  We never tried the OSM thing.

So the next question then is what happens in the Pivotal 6 environment.  Is Intellisync/OSM a dead product with interfacing between Office and Pivotal just being a "natural" thing?

And I'm asking this not only from a technical point of view but a contractural/maintenance point of view.