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Sedna (Pivotal 6) / Re: Set Pivotal Theme or other options via IafConfig
« Last post by Misiu on July 08, 2018, 11:52:12 PM »
@crmpimp thanks for the update :)
I'm in the middle of testing version 6.6. Finally limited theming is available.
Unfortunately, a lot of my custom code is throwing errors. 90% works great but I must get that last 10% working.
Sedna (Pivotal 6) / Re: Set Pivotal Theme or other options via IafConfig
« Last post by crmpimp on July 05, 2018, 08:02:44 AM »
Just to confirm with everyone - theme-ing is basically available with Pivotal 6.6.

Yes - you can finally more away from the tired old 'sky blue' theme! Yay! Note that there are still some limitations (and a lot of them), but change is in the wind!
@MartinR I've did like You suggested.

The downside is that I must define two methods in Server Task. For example:
Code: [Select]
public ServerTaskResult GenerateDocuments(string package)
    return GenerateDocuments(wywiadownia, null);

public ServerTaskResult GenerateDocuments(string package, string guid)
    //here real implementation

Inside Server Task I'm calling this method:
Code: [Select]
ClientNotifier.Publish(guid, $"Generowanie {current}/{total}...");

ClientNotifier is my custom class that push messages via sockets to all subscribed clients.

From client side I'm calling my Server Task using my extension method:

Code: [Select]
SystemClient.ExecuteServerTaskAsync("Generator", "GenerateDocuments", new object[] { "Package 1" }, "Trwa generowanie paczki...", () =>
    var searchView = ClientContext.ClientAPIService.GetActiveContentObject() as ISearchView;
}, true);

This is how this looks on client (of course spinner is spinning :)):

This method allows me to show some kind of progress, because by default client "freezes" when You call Server Task and wait for result.
That's an option, but this way I must modify all Server Tasks (unfortunately Pivotal cant handle default parameter values  :-\)

For now I'm updating my two test Server Tasks with that additional parameters, hopefully it will work fine.
Ideally I'd like to get that name in Server Task code.
Why not just pass it as one of the parameters?
When creating Server Task in Toolbox we must give is a name, then we can use that name to call that Server Task from Client code:
Code: [Select]
SystemClient.ExecuteServerTask(taskName, methodName, types, parameters)
I'm wondering if there is an option to get than Server Task name inside Server Task method (when it is executed).
For example:
1. I've created new Server Task in Toolkit. It is names "Sample" and has full class name: "AA.Server.Prototype.VersionOne".
2. I'm able to call method "Test" from my new Server taks using this code:
Code: [Select]
SystemClient.ExecuteServerTask("Sample", "Test", types, parameters)
Now I need to get string "Sample" (because that's the name of my Server Task) when executing method "Test"

I can get qualified class name and method name, but I need Server Task name.
I hope this is clear enough.

I need this to create notification system that will notify end user about server task progress, after finishing I can share some details about it.
Pivotal UX Client / Create a copy of secondary datatable
« Last post by komgbu on June 05, 2018, 01:54:36 PM »

Does anybody know the best approach for making this?
I think we have two ways (probably one of them is wrong...):
1) make a new server task with parameters: MakeCopy(old_record_id, new_record_id)
and inside this method retrieve all linked secondary records and make copies, and just link them to the new main record. In this case, a record with new_record_id must exists in the DB.
Then call this task from UX form (button)

2) try to pass field names/values for all secondary records through the TransitionPointParamaters (for example, userDefinedParameters)
but I'm not sure how to transfer field names / values / types properly...
If I try to use just a simple array of dictionaries to do this - it won't be transferred anyway (probably because of invalid Uxc.lib.types.NetType ... as it is the third parameter in setUserDefinedParameter( index, value, type ))... Probably I can have just a "virtual" datasets (main + secondary) and ability do not save new record with all secondaries at all...

Sedna (Pivotal 6) / How can I delete rows from secondary in ClientTask
« Last post by Misiu on January 30, 2018, 07:32:18 AM »
I'm trying to clear secondary (delete all rows from it).
My current approach is to iterate over DataSource or that secondary and  calling Delete

    for (int i = 0; i < (EmailAttachmentsDataGridView.DataSource as DataView).Table.Rows.Count; i++)
        (EmailAttachmentsDataGridView.DataSource as DataView).Delete(i++);

But maybe there is better way of doing this?

In my case I'm allowing user to add multiple files to secondary, if he clicks "Clear" I want to remove all of them.
Hey guys, my client has a need for resources out there looking for Pivotal Developers with any of the following - based in the U.K. near Richmond:

- LCS experience
- Pivotal Agents development experience
- ASR C# development experience
- C# web api and soap service experience
- SQL Development experience
- Synchronisation experience between servers
- Deployment experience using transporter or full UFO processes

Anyhow reach out if interested with a CV of experience and what you are looking for in terms of contract, this will probably initially 3 month role.

Mainly remote working with some office work as and when needed.

Sedna (Pivotal 6) / Re: Pivotal 6.6 Smart Client
« Last post by Ashish Iddya on December 04, 2017, 03:44:28 AM »
It is still in winforms. It does support client tasks and as far as I know it is 100% backward compatible with existing customizations.
I do not have access to Productivity Pack and hence cannot comment on it. My guess would be that Aptean would make sure it works with 6.6 too.
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