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Run on IE 11
« on: November 22, 2013, 11:24:04 AM »
We’ve been getting pressure from our other app dev group (Custom Apps) to move to IE 11 as a corporate standard….

GTS Unfortunately gives the line of “we are looking into it after we figure out Office 2013…” and “Oh that’s too bad…”
Well I’ve had some success here with getting Piv 5.9 to run on IE 11…   However its been a bit interesting…  Not sure if any of your other clients have investigated.

It appears that IE 11 has a different browser versioning (which no longer has MSIE in the javascript navigator.appVersion) which prevents IE 11  from working with Pivotal 5.9

This function is in the RDAUI.Htm file to check for valid browsers – which would have to be modified to no longer block if if can’t find the MSIE setting (instead have it look for something in the IE 11 appVersion) – but still block out non MS browsers

function load( ) {
  valid_browser = false;

  appVersion = navigator.appVersion;
  i = appVersion.indexOf("MSIE ");
  if (i != -1) {
    version = appVersion.substr(i+5);
    i = version.indexOf(".");
    if (i != -1) {
      version = version.substr(0, i);
      if (version.length > 0) {
        version = Number(version);
        if (version >= 5)
          valid_browser = true;

Once I made the modifications to bypass the MSIE setting – I could get in – the Active X controls loaded into the browser– but the side menu was missing, and hyperlinks would try and open in a new IE tab, and random Warning messages would come up.

I had our desktop services team allow my test machine to use compatibility mode and it allowed Pivotal to be opened using IE7 compatibility…. Which seems to work (more testing is needed)

I’m also going to see if placing the following in the MetaTags of HTML pages (to force IE8 Compatibility) would work.  <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=8">

Anyone else have any experience or want to give this a try as well?  Any feedback on 6.0 and IE 11 would be welcome as well since GTS didn't seem like they were sure about it working with 6.0 either.

I forgot - Canada is a 3rd world country and has to wait 5 years before technology is available to them.